Parenting Partners teams have shared the story of Rick and Dick Hoyt with thousands of parents.  The Hoyts were running their 31st Boston Marathon April 15 when the bombing stopped them only a mile from the finish line.   This was to be the final Boston Marathon for Dick, the 73 year-old father and Rick, the 51 year-old son.  Now they are determined to return in 2014.

Before the Red Sox first game after the terrorism, Dick threw out the first pitch, along with other Boston heroes.  Rick & Dick are in the right side of the photo below.

Boston’s Heroes- By Adam Wells, Bleacher Report, April 20, 2013

Boston Team Hoyt

Matt Patterson, Steve Byrne and Team Hoyt throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Fenway Park prior to Saturday’s game.
Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Athletes are revered in this country, but we are reminded of who the true heroes are in times of crisis.

Boston honored its citizens by giving individual introductions to the people who sacrificed to help others during all the chaos and turmoil after the bombs went off.

Matt Patterson, Steven Byrne and Dick and Rick Hoyt were brought out to handle the ceremonial first pitch. Patterson is a firefighter who was off-duty on Monday when he saved a young boy who lost a leg during the explosions.

Byrne has a BB imbedded in his neck, as he was waiting at the finish line of the Boston Marathon for two of his friends to cross when the explosions happened.

Dick and Rick Hoyt—better known as Team Hoyt—are a father-son duo who participate in the Boston Marathon every year. Dick pushes his son, who is confined to a wheelchair as a result of cerebral palsy and a lack of oxygen to his brain when he was born, in marathons around the country every year.

Team Hoyt was competing in its 31st Boston Marathon this year, and the duo plan on participating in the event against next year.

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