Nothing causes parents to feel discouraged like falling into the trap of arguing. It’s the king of all parenting traps! Daily conflicts around routines such as homework, bedtime, meals, etc., sap parents’ energy & time while undermining the calm structured environment where learning can thrive.

Arguments are a diabolical method of taking parents out of “the parent zone,” where they are in control. Yet children are really good at arguing. They’ve got skills! Fortunately, Parenting Partners is all about empowering parents to build their own set of skills.


Giving Clear Instructions with Direct Communication

Just as jungle commanders give clear orders in battle, parents lead their families by creating clear expectations and instructions. This tool will equip parents with some simple techniques for giving their children directions.

The practical “Clear Expectations” tool uses the five points of “Who, What, When, Where, and How Often” for parents to clearly communicate with their children. This results in more work getting done and fewer arguments getting started.

Workshop three of Parenting Partners equips parents to use this tool every day with their children and teens. Look at 3.7 in the Parenting Partners Workbook.


How does this tool create structure for achievement? With this tool parents equip their children to follow instructions, and to effectively ask for clarification when needed. They train them to work with leaders, such as teachers, rather than opposing every instruction with arguments.

This skill creates:

  • A cooperative environment
  • Quiet for study
  • Strong study routines
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