When parents neglect consequences, their children miss out on valuable lessons and are left vulnerable. They miss out on learning from their mistakes and developing the discernment and judgment they need to become independent adults.


How can children and teens grow without consequences? What stands in the way of parents teaching their children with consequences?   


Consequences are Training Tools

Consequences are the weight room of moral development. These are the training tools that give children the mental and moral capacity to develop positive action and habits.

With consequences, parents can bring on the fun, drama, and creativity. Consequences are learning tools, and parents love to teach. Because we are calm and in control, parents can really have fun with consequences.

Workshop five of Parenting Partners outfits parents with “Two Types of Consequences” on page 5.4 of the Parenting Partners book and “Eight Guidelines for Setting Logical Consequences” on page 5.5. 


We see great results when parents apply Logical Consequences.  This skill gives parents the authority and confidence to create structure in their homes.

The Logical Consequences skill gets parents into the game!   It empowers them to put study routines into practice, such as “The Parent Pledge for Academic Success.”

So by getting parents more engaged with their young people’s lives and academic life this skill builds Asset #6 — Parent Involvement in Schooling.

It also builds young people’s capacity for Planning & Decision Making (Asset #32).


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