Parents often think of setting consequences as “punishing” their children. That usually creates a tangle of mixed feelings and misgivings that hinder them from bringing discipline to their children.

 When parents feel that discipline is less than positive, they start feeling guilty about imposing discipline. How do we tell the difference between discipline and punishment? How do we discover guilt-free discipline?



Confidence in the Value of Positive Discipline

This tool will strengthen parents’ confidence in discipline and transform it from an exhausting ordeal to a simple, natural interaction. This is guilt-free parenting.


Children gain the essentials for success from positive discipline, including responsibility, self-control, positive self-identity and resiliency. Here’s where they gain the power to learn from their mistakes, bounce back from disappointments, and find guidance from their parents.


Workshop five of Parenting Partners gives parents the skill of confident, effective and guilt free parenting in “The Difference between Positive Discipline and Punishment.” It’s on page 5.1in the Parenting Partners Workbook.



Discipline is

  • A teaching/learning tool – discipline empowers young people with the capacity to learn. 
  • The pathway to learning –it’s the key to school success.

Many of our Parenting Partners Facilitators have a similar story:  When they were in Middle School they started skipping classes.  They weren’t feeling motivated for so much classwork.

Then their parent said, “Since you’re missing classes, you’re coming to work with us.” After one day in the fields picking vegetables with their parents, the teens discovered their motivation to learn, and went on to excel in school and graduate from college.

  • What real world experience can you share with your child or teen that will boost their motivation to learn?

Outcomes of Positive Discipline in the family include:

  • Healthier routines that reduce illness and sick days.
  • Improved Daily Attendance.
  • Stronger study habits.
  • Students are ready for school: backpacks are by the door, homework is complete.

Positive Discipline builds capacity for Achievement Motivation (Asset #21).

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