Our discipline is ineffective when we don’t follow through. Lack of follow-through generates stress, power struggles, loss of control, low self-esteem, and loss of confidence. It undermines discipline.

Unless we follow through, our children will not respect us and learn to successfully handle negative influences like peer pressure, alcohol, drugs, and other risky behavior.



Following Through and Letting Consequences Work

Follow-though creates consistency. Consistency makes us authentic and credible. Credibility results in respect. Children will model their behavior after those they respect.

Children and teens respond to action. They don’t usually respond to words unless they know their parents will take action.

Workshop five of Parenting Partners focuses on “Follow Through!” with page 5.8 of the Parenting Partners book.



What’s the outcome of better follow through from parents? Their teens and kids become more responsible!

Follow-through builds Asset #30 – Responsibility.

This tool also builds structure to increase consistency in Homework (Asset #23) and Reading (Asset #25).

 Snare Trap 

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