Parents who are enticed into arguing and negotiating too much find themselves trapped by routine conflicts. Parents can get played until they’re tempted to lose their cool.

 Do you notice that most arguments are over daily routines? That it’s the same argument every day or every week? You may discern that these arguments usually occur at the same time each day. What can parents do to end these cycles?


Deflecting Arguments with the Shield

If you have time to master just one Parenting Tool, this is the one! With the Shield, you’ll GIT-R-DONE! That is, you’ll get your children to do what you instruct, without any fuss or muss. The old days of getting trapped in arguments will be gone.

The Shield is a real game changer because it ends habits and patterns of arguments. This tool empowers parents to feel the confidence that we call “the Parent Zone.” 

Workshop four of Parenting Partners gives parents a great tool for ending arguments and setting boundaries on page 4.5 of the Parenting Partners Workbook.  It’s the “Nevertheless” Shield! 


The Shield ends the arguing and chaos that sabotage family routines, especially study routines.

The Shield is an action tool.  It helps parents keep children on task with daily routines for homework and reading.

The Shield builds structure to increase consistency in Homework (Asset #23) and Reading (Asset #25).

Parents save their energy for real teaching moments and for Positive Discipline, which we’ll feature in the next blog.

 Cage Trap



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