Channelview, Texas

Veronica Pasternack

The Parenting Partners Program is our district’s bridge to building family engagement through a meaningful collaborative partnership between families and educators to assist our children in reaching their full academic potential. Our goals with the program reflect research that has shown that the most accurate predictor of a student’s achievement in school is not income or social status but the extent to which a student’s family can:

  1. Create a positive home environment that encourages learning.
  2. Express high and realistic expectations for children’s achievement and future careers.
  3. Become actively involved in their children’s school and community.

We are very pleased to offer this program at Channelview ISD and look forward to witnessing the substantial benefits it is sure to have for the children, parents and educators of our community.

Veronica Pasternack

Federal Programs Administrator


Building Leaders


Parenting Partners in Action!



Channelview High School/McMullan Elementary



Hamblen Elemnatary



Viola Cobb Elementary/ Early Childhood Center



Patty Bunker



“Family Engagement is truly a top priority for Channelview Schools. We are excited about the comprehensive, district-wide commitment for empowering parents at every school to increase student success. Parenting Partners is honored and excited to be a strategic partner in this endeavor. We know that Channelview will experience great results as parents and educators form strong, meaningful partnerships that benefit their children and the community!


Patty Bunker

National Director of parent Engagement, Family Leadership


Schools After Parenting Partners



“I wanted to take a minute to recognize Mr. Chalfant and his efforts in organizing our Parent Partners program. This is our 5th week and so far we’ve had all parents attend that began with us 5 weeks ago. The parents are participating and seeking advice on a weekly basis. Many have already expressed sadness knowing that there are only 3 weeks left. They want to know “what will we do after that. Thank you Mr. Chalfant for making this a success.”


Blake Smith


Viola Cobb Elementary

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