Charleston County School District, SC


Karen WilliamsParenting Partners is a dynamic method for getting parents on board and engaged in their children’s schooling. Our parents feel valued and confident, they share their dilemmas and their problems with their group and they practice the skills by role playing and doing skits and learn new techniques for disciplining their children in loving ways.


In our school district 86 parents were train at seven schools this semester. With this being the first time we did this program we are very proud of that number. We look forward to training more parents during the second semester as we bring on 13 additional schools with this curriculum building on the success of this first graduating class of empowered parents.

Karen Williams

Title I Compliance Monitor

Department of Federal Programs

Charleston County School District


Building Parent Leaders


Parenting Partners in Action


Memminger Elementary


North Charleston Elementary


Zucker Middle School

Zucker Middle School


Porter 2015 001



“We’re so excited to partner with Charleston County Schools, and the entire staff here at Parenting Partners looks forward to supporting your parents as true partners in education. Your energy and enthusiasm will lead to positive results as you continue to realize the vision of Charleston Achieving Excellence.”



David Porter

Director Parent Engagement & Training







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