Ector County Independent School District, Texas


Annie Arredondo- ESL Specialist in Ector County ISD, Parenting Partners District Program Leader

“Parenting Partners has been one of the best programs I have been involved in, both as a Trainer of Trainer presenter, and especially as a parent. As a Bilingual/ESL parent involvement initiative the feedback from campuses and parents has been overwhelming; their appreciation of the knowledge and skills passed to the families has created much excitement. We have now trained our first round of parent facilitators who are teaching the program for other families on their campuses. In fact, after completing only one semester of classes at eleven schools, we have both parents and faculty from non- Parenting Partners campuses calling and asking: ‘When can we get trained and begin offering this program?’ ‘Can our parents attend the workshop at other campuses?’ ‘Can my friend come with me to the classes?’ and the most exciting, ‘How can I become a facilitator and teach the workshops?”


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Annie Arredondo

ESL Specialist in Ector County ISD,

Parenting Partners District Program Leader



What’s Happening in Ector

We launched our Parenting Partners teams in fall 2014. We are building a leadership foundation with our English learning parents of highly skilled and contributing parents. We will continue building with a multi-year strategy that brings parents into service such as Parenting Partners Facilitators and expand to more schools

This inside-out look leadership approach mobilizes capable parents who might have been otherwise overlooked into effective service to their children, schools and community.


Building Parent Leaders



Patty Flyer

“Ector ISD is extremely committed to supporting and growing the capacity of their parents as leaders throughout the district. District administrators and principals have been trained in the Parenting Partners process and this district leadership team is giving of their time to train new teams and parent graduates each year.  In their initial year, 22 parent graduates from the first semester of Parenting Partners, were trained to facilitate workshops and reach even more parents.   Every year this number is growing.  Ector ISD is committed to a multi-year strategy that will result in staff and parent leaders partnering effectively at each school to engage parent leaders, and support student success.”


Patty Bunker
National Director of Parent Engagement, Family Leadership


Parenting Partners in Action


Hays Magnet Academic Academy



Carver Early Education Center



Crockett Middle School



Gale Pond Alamo


Parent Graduates Taking The Next Step Into Leadership as Team Facilitators!

Members of the first class of parent graduate from Ector Parenting Partners workshops attended the two day Facilitators’ training.

They are now leading the workshops at their schools!




“I learned how to be a positive parent and to show how to be a GOOD parent.”


Laura Lopez,

VIP from Zavala Elementary




“I really enjoyed this session! It has given me resources to use with my kids at home and my students on campus.”

Eron Chino,

Parent Liaison from Zavala Elementary




“I am glad to add these tools to my box to better equip my personal life, classroom, while being able to partner with parents to create a more positive relationship for the children within our community.”


Shannon Blau,

Pre-K teacher from Blanton Elementary




“The opportunity to build positive relationships with our parents has been one of the greatest benefits of hosting Parenting Partners. The growth that parents make in a matter of weeks definitely has a great impact on the progress our students make in a year.”


Cristabel Modesto,

Assistant Principal from Gale Pond Alamo





“Being part of changing kids and parents’ life for the better is a great reason to implement Parenting Partners.”


Hugo Perez,

Bilingual Teacher from Gale Pond Alamo




“I am glad this was offered. The material was very informative and applicable for everyone to be more positive.”


Teresa Cardona,

Teachers’ Aide from Carver




“I am glad to have been a part of this workshop. I feel that I now have the tools I need to be successful in facilitating a class. I hope to get our parents involved at Carver and stay involved. Thank you for this opportunity to have a positive impact on our parents – myself included!”


Bre’Ann Flores,

Teacher’s Aide from Carver




“Parenting Partners is a great program that encourages you to be a better parent and teacher and it gives you tools to set your kids up for success while having a good relationship with them.”


Maria Alejandra Caceres Martinez,

Bilingual Teacher from Gale Pond Alamo





“I am pleased to have Parenting Partners at Alamo. I have learned that I am not perfect, but can perfect my parenting skills and be able to provide actual parenting skills. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow!”

Patricia Robles,

LPAC Parent from Gale Pond Alamo


“I would like to make parents even better parents, make them succeed, and make their children succeed. Becoming a facilitator is like becoming a dream come true. I love being here! This made me even better at what I am going to do by leading by example.”

Parent Facilitator


“Pienso que fue un programa muy completo. Me gusto cada explicación de cada tema, desde cómo llegar, saludar, hasta ejemplos sencillos de cada tema, muy completo. Para mi ciento que me va a servir en crecer como persona, pero sobre todo como mama. ¡Gracias!”




“This was a complete program, I liked the explanations and examples that were given for each topic. As for myself I believe that this will help me grow as a person but above all else it will allow me to grow as a mother. Thank you!”

Parent Facilitator


“Ah mí me gustó mucho y también me ha ayudado para mi vida en familia y para interactuar con mis hijas y maestros y apoyar los en la escuela. Las clases de dos días son muy bien porque ayudan a entender más para apoyarnos con la enseñanza para los otros padres. ”




“I really enjoyed this program; it has helped with my family life, and with my interaction with my daughters and their teachers. The two day training was very helpful because you understand the program in more depth and we can support other parents who are learning.”

Parent Facilitator

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