Parenting Partners Success in New Caney ISD

Congratulation to New ISD on a great fall semester.

Keep up the great work!


Oakley Elementary


Sorters Mills Elementary

Viola Cobb Elementary Graduation – Channelview ISD

We would love to congratulate the parents of Viola Cobb Elementary for finishing the Parenting Partners Workshops.


Parenting Partners Tip: Increase Parent Attendance

A team from Palmdale, Ca decided to make personal invitations to parents and gifting a candy bar with a handwritten note that says “How sweet of you to join us.” They were able to increase their attendance in the third semester after having low attendance the previous semester. The team found that the use of personal touches was a big reason why the attendance increased in the third semester.

Apricot Valley Elementary Grauation

Congratulations to Apricot Valley Elementary parents on their hard work and completing the Parenting Partners workshop. It’s always great seeing parents succeed and take leadership roles.


Apricot Valley Elem Graduation Fall  2016

Hamblen Elementary Graduation, Channelview ISD

Great work Hamblen Elementary, it’s always exciting to see parents graduate.  

Visit us at 2016 SCATA Fall

Stop by and say hello to our Director Parent Engagement and Training, David Porter at the 2016 SCATA Fall Conference today and tomorrow.

David Porter


Parents Taking Charge

I am so glad that I joined the Parenting Partners classes. I have learned how to better communicate with my grandson, to understand him better and have more patience with him. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about what this class was. I thought I was being asked to come so they could tell me that I was not raising him right. I found out that was not true but that this class was there to give me the tools to help my grandson and I become successful in life. The facilitator of the class said I went from this shy little mouse to this outspoken parrot. My grandson gets good grades and reads well, and he and I are happy. {Because of my experience with the program} I will be a facilitator this spring.

Michele Thomas

Tamarisk Elementary