Palmdale School District, California


“As the superintendent of the Palmdale School District, it gives me pride to know that we are providing the BEST parenting training program for all of our schools and parents. We are committed to engaging our parents. We know how important it is to have our parents involved. Parenting Partners is a great program to ensure parent participation and commitment. We appreciate the participation of our administrators, psychologists, teachers, program liaisons and of course our parents in the training.”


Raul Maldonado

Superintendent of Schools

Palmdale School District


What’s Happening in Palmdale

Parenting Partners is Palmdale’s District-wide parent engagement strategy across all campuses.

We focus on creating effective family-school partnerships that result in increased student achievement and parent leadership. This focus matches Palmdale’s LCAP goals including:

  • Increasing Student Academic Success in targeted areas.
  • Creating a welcoming environment that connects and engages students, parents, staff and community.
  • Engaging parents, students, families and communities to increase learning and support student success.


Building Leaders in Palmdale


Frances Ufondu

“I am truly excited to say that we have finally found the missing piece in our parent engagement program! The Family Leadership Inc. team provided a trainer of trainer parent leadership and skill building program to strengthen our parent engagement and activities that were already in place.


The intensive two day training was attended by selected parent engagement team members that included: administrators, staff members, parent/community liaisons, psychologist and most importantly our parents from each of the 25 schools. The training engaged diverse stakeholders in powerful learning and collaboration. Our goal is to continue building capacity as we train our parents to take leadership roles, support and monitor their children’s education, and create effective family-school partnership that will ultimately lead to increased student academic achievement for our diverse student population.


I was awed by how the team members took charge and ownership of the program as they practiced and modeled under the careful guidance of the Family Leadership staff coaches. By the end of the 2nd day, the teams were ready with their tool boxes and parents couldn’t wait to go back to their school sites to lead the workshops. I have received a lot of positive feedback about the quality of the training and the personal ongoing support for every school.”

Dr. Frances Ufondu

Coordinator, State and Federal Accountability and Parent/Community Outreach

Palmdale School District


Parenting Partners in Action


Dos Caminos Elementary



Mesquite Elementary



Golden Poppy Elementary



Cimarron Elementary


Joshua Hills Elementary


Tamarisk Elementary


Tumbleweed Elementary


Buena Vista Elementary/ Chaparral Intermediate/Quail Valley Elementary




“Family Engagement is truly a top priority for Palmdale Schools. We are excited about the comprehensive, district-wide commitment for empowering parents at every school to increase student success.”


Patty Bunker
National Director of parent Engagement,

Family Leadership


Palmdale’s Parent Stories

“My dad was a marine and he ran the house like that and he really didn’t have to. I use the schedule for chores and I use the shield when the kids try to waste time arguing. I listen and put things down or I tell them to give me a few minutes and then we can talk.”

“Considered his dad to be a sergeant he failed at becoming an Eagle Scout and forced me to become one. He was very authoritative by nature. My was raised kids with no father and turned out to be an excellent wife and mother who although was very educated she was afraid a lot of the time.”

“I was raised in Mexico and I was the only child who received punishment and was forced to help raise my younger siblings.”

“I have greater communication with my kids and they are shocked with my changes because they aren’t use to it. We play the High/Low strategy everyday and I start by saying her highs are about going back to school and this class.”

“I am getting better at communicating with my kids and not being distracted. I am more engaged and love hearing what they have to say. The kids are shocked (at first) but now they like it and feel that mom cares.”

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