Parenting Partners This Week!

Parent resource tools for all parents in the School

We have developed instructional resources that cover more than 40 weeks of the school year! These resources can be read in English and Spanish on their computers, smartphones, and tablets, or printed.

All parents will have access to these practical parenting skills instructional resources that are produced by Parenting Partners and distributed by the schools’ teams. The resources are delivered in systematic series such as:

  • Success Starts at Home — boosting best practices for studying.
  • Parenting Traps and Tools — fostering positive discipline and home structure.
  • Positive Power Words for Parents — increasing support at home.

For Parents in the Workshops

They will now be able to access our web-based resources during the workshops and also after graduation. These resources build strong practices that support achievement in the classroom for students from elementary, middle, and high school.

With Parenting Partners, parents are building new practices around supporting their children’s school success, and since new habits take time to develop we will resource them throughout the school year. They can go online anytime or they can simply have the resources emailed to them in either English or Spanish.

For ALL Parents in the School

All parents in the participating schools receive these weekly resources with practical parenting skills. These skills focus on building family practices that support learning at the school, and encourage academic achievement. These positive, easy to read resources are available in English and Spanish.

Parenting Partners This Week tools are accessible through:

  • Postings on the School Website Parent Page.
  • Emailed newsletters.
  • Printed newsletters., our website for parents with ePubs to download onto computers, phones, and tablets.
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