Patterson Unified School District, Patterson CA

Veronica Miranda (2)


“Parent engagement has always been a high priority in our school district.  Parenting Partners provided a great structured approach to not only engaging  parents but also focuses on building leadership capacity.  We have gotten rave reviews from everyone who has participated.  What else can be said but it is AWESOME!!!”

Veronica Miranda

Assistant Superintendent

 Educational Services

Patterson Unified School District

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Building Leaders



“This isn’t just a program, this is a yearly commitment to build parent leaders. It truly is a team effort. I couldn’t have done this without my team. Every person made a contribution. I live in this community. We can either build it up or tear it down. I want to see it built up and this program helps make that happen. The impact this has had on parents would have me in tears most days because of the stories parents would share with me. One parent started going to counseling because she realized her parenting style was a reflection of something deeper inside that she needed to work on.”

Toney Henry
Team Leader

Schools With Parenting Partners

Las Palmas Elementary



Apricot Elementary



Grayson Charter School



Patterson High School


Northmead Elementary


Patterson Unified School Graduation




Las Palmas Elementary pulled their students out of class to surprise the parents for the graduation and to show their support.


Steve Hosey




“I left the training from Patterson USD blown away at the enthusiasm and hunger that their teams showed for bringing this powerful parent resource to their district. The sky is the limit for Patterson USD.”



Steve Hosey

Director Parent Engagement & Training

Patterson’s Parents Stories

“Without the great administrative staff being on board with this, we wouldn’t have been able to be so successful. So many of the parents started off timid and shy. We could hardly get them to talk. But once we started sharing our experiences with them, they started speaking up. Now, people they didn’t know before, they are closer than ever with. Parents didn’t know they could volunteer at school until they started attending workshops. They would say things like, ‘Wait, I can come into my child’s classroom to help? How often can I come in? How long can I stay? What can I do?’ I realized so much about the parents. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to volunteer, they just didn’t know how or that they could volunteer. This has helped me as a teacher to introduce to parents of my class more examples for how they can volunteer and have them sign up. This is about building the next generation. I want to see the generation after me be successful and these tools will help do that.”

Adriana Jimenez:

“I gained more from the parents than what I could’ve possibly given them. They taught me so much. “The yarn skit was so powerful. It pretty much summed up everything. It was very impactful.”

Mr. Lopez:



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