“I always pride myself in being a great teacher, having great management strategies and being very positive of my students. I had to take a look at the mirror yesterday and by the end of the day I said ‘So the things I would never say or do to my students I should never say or do to my own children.’ That was really huge for me because I always joked around said I’m not putting my credentials on the line so why would I put my motherhood on the line? So this has been very, very valuable for me. As an administrator I am truly, truly grateful that I have a team who are committed I feel like we’re going to make a difference and as many of have said it’s going to spread to not only other in our school but in our community and being a resident here I know that Patterson has something great to offer and with all the energy in this room we are going to make our children shine and put them on the map.”

Last Modified: March 17, 2016