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Sheree Newman


“One of the things I really see with our WSD schools offering Parenting Partners is that parents feel visible and they feel valued. Parents start feeling empowered and gain more confidence; where primary language held some parents back before, now they realize their strengths and willingly participate at their child’s school. I would love to see more parents have the ability to take this class and step into the role of facilitator or help lead class with other facilitators so they can see how much they have grown themselves. I’ve seen so many parents just blossom in this program.”

Sheree Newman

District Prevention Specialist,

 Parenting Partner District Program Coordinator

Westminster School District


Building Parent Leaders


April 2016 Parent Training



Parenting Partners in Action


Willmore Elementary


Meairs Elementary


Anderson Elementary


Warner Middle School


Webber Elementary


DeMille Elementary


Finley Elementary and Johnson Middle School



Patty Bunker“Westminster School District is committed to engaging the parents from their diverse community to form effective family-school partnerships for student success.  For the past several years, Parenting Partners has been offered at several schools in the district, resulting in parents feeling connected, valued and empowered.  Parents report having more skills to support their students’ learning and academic achievement.

Many Parenting Partners graduates are now serving in highly visible leadership roles on their campuses, including facilitating Parenting Partners workshops for other parents, and leading PTA’S.

The district has expanded Parenting Partners to almost all of their elementary school campuses for the 2016/17 school year.   We are excited about our partnership with Westminter SD, and look forward to supporting and honoring  the many stories and successes of Westminster Parent Champions this school year!”

Patty Bunker

National Director of Parent Engagement, Family Leadership


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